go tigers

Oh my gosh! The Tiger Baseball team has been playing this week in the Division II College World Series. We have to play the same team again tomorrow to go to the final team. GO TIGERS!!!! They play again tomorrow at noon….check it out..live stats and live audio It will change your life I promise!!!


heavy heart

ok, so I’ve had a couple days of reflection and maybe in the last few moments I’ve been able to think through a couple things. One, I’ve debated posting anything about this, but after the day I’ve had today, I decided to. Many of you have probably heard about the tragedy that Steven Curtis Chapman… Read More heavy heart



My friend Lacey came to see me this weekend. She came yesterday afternoon and left a little bit ago. So fun to have someone here with me. I will admit on chemo weekend, I’m not a very good hostess and I appreciate so much that I have friends who understand that. I mean really I… Read More Buff-a-roni


the day after

Today has been a good day. Tara made me Beef Stroganoff for lunch and it was yummy. She wasn’t feeling good, so she couldn’t stay. But everyone else got Burger King and came over for lunch. That was so much fun!!! It is always good to laugh with those people (my staff). Luke was even… Read More the day after


Chemo Day 4

Lisa, Ashton and Shay took me today. It went well. You would be glad to know that the lab process was so easy and I stayed awake the whole time! It is kinda fun because by now, people recognize you and the staff know you by name. It’s like being at Cheers!!! I feel like… Read More Chemo Day 4



OK, so everyone is curious about my hair. And, since the lady sitting next to me in chemo today complemented be first by saying I was too young to be going through this and then she said…”and, it’s no fair that you still have your hair”, I have decided to write a post just updating… Read More Hair


American Idol Party

Last night, we had an American Idol Party at the Berry’s. Of course, there were the Cook fans and the Archie fans, but we know who won. It was a fun show and a fun night of food. I mean when this is your menu how can you not have fun: Spinach Artichoke DipRoasted Red… Read More American Idol Party



Its official, I should join a group for clean freaks anonymous. When I cook, because of the size of my kitchen, I get everything dirty. I just finished cleaning up my kitchen and honestly, I did not want to unload and reload the dishwasher, but I cannot tell you how good I feel right now.… Read More anonymous


good week

I know so many of you have wondered, so I wanted to let you know. I have had an AWESOME week. Mainly, in reference to my health and energy. I have felt so good. On Friday, I woke up in the best mood and really a silly mood. I feel like I got so much… Read More good week