see what he sees

I was having a conversation with my mother in law Saturday about a picture of herself that she did not like.  We all have them. Pictures that look great except for that lady in the middle or on the end or sandwiched between those other 2 cute girls.  As women we are often crazy self… Read More see what he sees


gratitude 2016

2016 has been a magical year for me. After many years of you reading my “take” on gratitude amidst the crazy of my world. I truly have nothing but gratitude in my heart for all this year has brought. And for 2016, that’s way more than just a man and a new last name. I’ve… Read More gratitude 2016

Bridges, Encouragement

getting in the ditches

This month, I’ve jumped in to the conversation on mental health, anxiety and depression.  A couple things I’ve read, listened to and pondered are listed below.  Feel free to download and enjoy yourself. Presentation on DEPRESSION by Dr. Gary Oliver – Fellowship (the church I work for) has hosted a 4 week class this spring… Read More getting in the ditches


just help a sista

Do we really have to make everything so difficult? I’ve had one of those days where I just don’t understand why we have to make it so hard to do something that should be so simple every single day.  Maybe its just me getting through a new stage of life where everything that was super… Read More just help a sista


gratitude 2015

I wasn’t sure about 2015 at times.  It kicked off with a bang and has had its own ups and downs.  But, I can say this has been a year of loads and loads of ups.  I’m so grateful or so many things.   Life is full.  My calendar stays packed.  I have friends and… Read More gratitude 2015


Possibilities Hoarder

**Note – after I wrote this, I realized it was more of a self-talk moment than a moment to encourage you…consider yourself warned about the on goings between my 2 perfectly shaped ears!** Have you ever thought about what makes us hold on to things? What are the emotional drivers that make us think something… Read More Possibilities Hoarder


glass slipper wishes

To the girl in the row behind me. You celebrated your birthday tonight the best way I know how….surrounded by your girlfriends.  I heard you snicker and whisper when the dress began to unfold from the fairy godmother’s wand.  I felt the air leave the room when he turned around with the glass slipper in… Read More glass slipper wishes


sweet spot

I’m there.  And, if I’m not…I’m darn well close.  Last week I had one of the best weeks I’ve had in a really long time.  Like, years long.  I am finding my sweet spot.  My days are chalked full of learning new things.  Of moments to research.  To implement what I find.  To be challenged. … Read More sweet spot