A Cabelas kind of day

Cabelas opened in Rogers today and I was so glad my Arkadelphia Alumacraft friend told me he was in town. So fun to see the new place and learn the lingo!! Ran into a Ouachita classmate, they are every where (even up here!). There were people everywhere and the most amazing wildlife. Like a zebra… Read More A Cabelas kind of day



so when a friend sent this link yesterday and said “this looks right up your alley”, they weren’t lying. My gift for the day – via a friend’s obervation, that happened to be right on


mercy eyes

Press Play and then begin reading!!! (unless you are like me and cant listen to music and read- come back and listen.  This song is rocking my socks off right now! ) This is a prayer I’m praying for myself.  Its more than a WWJD process, its seeing the need beyond the surface and looking for… Read More mercy eyes


the everyday

well, as part of this move, the simple things have started hitting me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about my new place, the new professional journey in front of me and settling in, but I’m starting to miss the mundane….the everyday. I realized tonight while trying to catch up by email and on blogs… Read More the everyday

Bridges, Solutions

ground rules

If BIGPITTSTOP is going to take a new journey, I feel like I need a reminder (or a new establishing) of some ground rules that make this community home. What defines home to me? transparency of spirit mutual trust and dependency according to Oprah, home is a place that should rise to meet you, so if… Read More ground rules