25 random things

ok, so I’ve been tagged enough I’ll cave in an do this. 1. I’m ok with leftovers. I don’t like eating them the day after they were first fixed, but I like to eat them. 2. I don’t like cooking for 1, b/c there are always leftovers and you have to eat them for the… Read More 25 random things



I’ve decided I’m mad a cancer. I’m mad that it is taking people in my world. I’m mad that we have to have a thing called Relay for Life (even though I enjoy it and am grateful for it). I’m just irritated. I hate getting calls that say. ” “insert name here” is not doing… Read More mad



Please take the 8minutes and 43 seconds that it takes to watch this video. It will change your day, I promise! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e4zgJXPpI4 I’m working on getting it embeded here.