#Ad Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, for which I have been compensated. This month I’m partnering with @FamilyLifeNWA for sponsored content. While they did not require a blog post, I’ve been snooping around their site all month and found some cool things I had to share. Check out their site! 1.  There is nothing… Read More NWA Fun


see what he sees

I was having a conversation with my mother in law Saturday about a picture of herself that she did not like.  We all have them. Pictures that look great except for that lady in the middle or on the end or sandwiched between those other 2 cute girls.  As women we are often crazy self… Read More see what he sees


if I were in a speech class

If I were a college student studying Speech Communications as I did 16 years ago, I feel like there would have been a moment this week where we would have dissected a very publicly delivered speech. We would have talked about delivery, preparation, content, and response. We would have talked about, written “feeling” responses to… Read More if I were in a speech class


2016 Favorite Things

Each year one of my “reflection” moments involves looking back at my favorite things.  Some are new things I’ve discovered in the year, others are old favorites I cant get away from and the rest…they are just every day, little simples that make my world go round: Honey Roasted peanut butter, by the spoonfuls Thomas… Read More 2016 Favorite Things