Our baby boy came a couple weeks ago and I knew that would mean guests and visitors for at least a couple weeks. I just couldn’t stand the thought of not having some meals ready for when people got here. Or, at least groceries ready for my mom or Mr. McKinney to throw together to make a grand, hearty meal.

I knew it would probably be chilly, so soup or something warm and easy from the crockpot seemed like a great idea. As I started “shopping” my pantry and freezer, I realized I had almost everything on hand to make gumbo. And, something about the warm and spicy recipe just sounded so good to me. Thankfully, it still sounded good to me when we got home from the hospital.

Not sure how my “little Texan” will feel about his first meal at home being cajun, but the rest of us could not get enough.

Crockpot Gumbo | easy, spicy and with ingredients you may already have at home @bigpittstop

I served mine with Cauliflower Rice, to keep it low carb. But, my dad is not an extra veggies fan, so the 90 second microwave bag of Uncle Ben’s Long Grain rice was a perfect alternative. I will say this is how we discovered that cauliflower is on the no fly zone while I’m breastfeeding…gives little man the gas! But at least it keeps him the life of the party and since he is less than a month old, its still cute.

For my “real cajuns,” what did I leave out?

And, for an added bonus, my Dragon Breath Firecrackers are a perfect addition to the Gumbo or on the side. You could even use Saltines, Ritz or Club crackers instead of Oyster Crackers to have it be a bit more substantial depending on how you like to enhance your soup dining experience.