Gift Giving - ideas for some of my favorite gifts to give. Challenging that 2018 be a year of thoughtfulness.So, it might seem weird to offer a list of of gift ideas in January, but it is precisely the time our minds go blank after all the gifting we have done in December.  So, I thought I’d save my list of favs and get your 2018 gifting off to a grand start!

Before I jump in to my list i just want to rest for a minute on “gifts.”  I LOVE TO GIVE GIFTS.  Mr. McKinney just rolls with it, but I think a gift is way more than just something to think about at Birthdays and Christmas.  If I see something fun for someone I will snag it. I  have 2 tubs in our garage that I keep things in year round and I see them for people. Some occasions just call for a little “happy” along the way – finals week, rough work day, celebration of a project completion, recital, just a little “I love you” or “I’m glad you are my friend.”  Frankly, I don’t really thing gifts need any reason at all.

If you’ve ever studied the 5 love languages, you know these are the ways we give and receive love.  While gifts is not my receiving language (I actually struggle at receiving gift), gifts are definitely my expressing language.  And, I really like to keep my eyes open at any given time for a little pick me up, no matter what it means or the reason behind it.

Let me challenge you as you dig for your “one little word,” or add goals to your journal, or seek to do something different this year, to consider gifts. Not stuff for the sake of stuff, but a thought for the sake of a thought.

  • Favorite new companies this year:
    • Pup Socks – this one also made it on my favorite things list.  But when you see their socks and think about all the fun you could bring, you wont think twice about your choice.  Birthdays, father’s day, finals week
    • Marleylilly – I just love all their things. I’m southern and I’m a sucker for a monogram. Just think of all the possibilities!
    • Hope Outfitters
  • Hostess gifts
  • Her
    • Leopard sweater – Target – i mean my favorite color is cheetah, but I’ have loved this cardigan.  Layer all day, warm and cozy…it may not be this one but I’m convinced every gal needs a leopard/cheetah cardigan in her closet of staples
    • Hat – Kristen
    • Park Hill Home candles – they are made in Arkansas.  I love that when you go any where southern, they just point back here. These were all over Natchez, MS last spring when we went and Sweet Tea and Tall Cotton do not disappoint
    • Simmers Cookbook – mix and match mama – frankly any of her cookbooks are fantastic, but I love this one because its thin and full of all things crockpot cooking!
  • Him
    • Buffalo plaid – its not going any where soon, at least I hope not.  Red make everyone look stronger!
    • Air fryer – we learned a valuable lesson over Christmas that this is made for the dry fry, but so fun and we really need to get this out and play more..dumplings, panko chicken, fried pickles, oh the possibilities
    • Shutran After Shave Lotion – this Young Living Essential Oils product does amazing things for a man’s skin. Its incredible.
  • Cooking
    • Pampered Chef ceramic egg maker – I just think this thing is so cool and I don’t even like eggs.  But every time I see it, I want to buy it for my sister who eats them every day
    • I guess technically the cookbook and air fryer fit here too!
  • Tech
    • Wifi plugs that work with Alexa – Mr. McKinney is obsessed. And, frankly I’m so grateful for me. Actually as I sat down to type this post, I grabbed my laptop and moved to the chair in my living room. It was approaching evening and pretty dark.  As I sat down in my oversized chair i said, “Alexa, turn on the lights in the living room.” and there was light! Its kinda  crazy nuts and unbelievable…but so cool!
  • Kids – so this next year as our lives are changing and we are starting the niece gift buying I’m going to tackle the tend to over buy and over give by focusing our Christmas giving around – want, need, wear, read.  I’ll have to make sure I keep a really good list of what I’ve got as i find the perfect things, but I’m excited…it almost feels like a little game.  Let’s be honest. When your nieces are as cute as mine its hard to not want to get them all the things….all the time!
    • books are definitely on the top of my list here. Just books in general. There is always a greater story to tell and I think book adventures is one of the best ways to do that!
    • Osh Kosh and Carters sales – if you are buying for littles and not subscribed to these 2 stores, you are missing some great deals.  I’m pretty sure my little guy will be dressed until he is 4. i just had to quit buying but they were practically giving things away. I’m anxious to see how their sales go throughout the year.
    • Target toys sales – weekend before Tday and Black Friday shopping – I was amazed. Again, I have a whole new set of every store to be watching and I’m just blow away by the deals you can get when you watch for them. I’ll be keeping my eyes posted year round.
  • My favorite gift I gave this past year:
    • I had some pieces done for my dad for his village. I love that I have some crazy creative friends and that who I love to buy from most. I love supporting local stores and scouring their shelves for unique gifts. I love buying handmade and supporting makers any chance I get.  If you have a custom piece you need made, you need to check out what my friend Beth does. Incredible things that make great wedding, hostess, graduation, mother/father’s day, life transitions, and more. Just special little treasure that make you think of special people in your life.

What about you?  What’s on your list of favorite gifts to give? Have you given something lately? Nontraditional or at a nontraditional time? How did it go?