Dragon Breath Fire Crackers | @bigpittstop | perfect snack for dad to munch on while he watches TV!My dad and father-in-law love spicy snacks. And for 2 guys its sometimes hard to buy for, nothing seems better than showing up with a baggie or container full of a yummy little snack to say thank you for taking care of my dog or putting up with all of us over the weekend!

My brother-in-law even sent a text this week sending his “request” for a set of his own snacks. I guess since he has brought the cutest little girl in the world to me as my niece and kept her alive for almost a year, he deserves a treat too.

As you get ready next week for Christmas or need something to take to a gathering this weekend, these Dragon Breath Fire Crackers will not disappoint. I made these with oyster crackers, but Club crackers, Saltines, or anything in between would totally work. My dad likes to eat his with soup, so I try to keep them small and bite sized. (I have a feeling that means he also plays catch with the dog with them, but I don’t judge as long as she likes my cooking too!)

Dragon Breath Fire Crackers | @bigpittstop | The perfect snack for your holiday party or to keep around the house to munch on!