Before we hit the end of the year, I thought it would be fun to get out a list of my favorite things for the year.  No sponsorship, no ads, just good ‘ole KP and her finest opinions!

  1.  starting off and at the top of my list this year is mobile orderingStarbucks mobile order is always my fav and who I use most, but Chick-fil-A has not disappointed either this year. Moe’s, Panera, Chipotle, they have all made things a little easier on an given day when I’m close by. And then when any of them add a bonus or reward incentive to use the mobile app, we are destined to be besties for life!
  2. meal kits mailed and delivered to your door – this year we have moved on to rotating between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I keep the apps on my phone and have a reminder pop up on Monday afternoons to check the weeks ahead.  I don’t do it every week or even once a month, but its still a great option for us on busy weeks or when I come off a weekend out of town and know I don’t have time for grocery shopping and meal planning. If you have been interested in trying some of these, I have a few free boxes to share. Email me so I can send you the offer or leave your email in the comments.
  3. Amazon Echo Dot – we got this for Christmas last year and it took us a while to get it set up, but it has been a tool we use almost every day. Music, timers, weather were all super helpful throughout the year. But now, you can coordinate everything through it.
  4. Alexa enabled wifi plugs – as if we couldn’t get any lazier, we got plugs that coordinate with our Amazon Alexa and with just a voice command, we can turn them off and on. Our main goal was to get one for the baby’s room so I’d be ready if we come in and need to turn the lights on and my hands are full. But it sure was nice to not have to bend over and flip the switch on the Christmas light surge protector this holiday season as my belly kept growing. We are hooked and I predict some time in the year that most of our lights are enabled with voice command.
  5. Target registry and app – for me, Target has really figured out their registry process. We had a great experience registering for baby items (and wedding a few years ago), we had great experiences returning items to Targets through our registry. With the baby registry they had a great welcome pack and lots of coupons for items you actually will use. Just make sure you know where you put them and don’t find them after everything is bought. I even love their app. I did a lot of adding on to our registry list as we had more and more showers from generous friends and most of it I did while Mr. McKinney was driving us places. I even placed a big online order very easily the week of Black Friday and it all showed up when it was supposed to. And, now that they have combined their regular and Cartwheel apps in to one, it makes it super easy.
  6. Roomba – I have a love hate relationship with our Rosie. I love that she just vacuums for us every day. We can set her on a schedule and she goes. But, she knows her role and is relentless in her pursuit of cleanliness. She really is way too smart for her own good, and I have to send her home sometimes when I’m on a work conference call or something. But, now that our dog is ok with it and we all can co-exist, I think we are going to be great friends. I just need her to be a little quieter. For the sake of electronics that I would recommend, this one is high on my/our list around here. Especially with a dog who loves the doggy door. She can keep her freedom and I’m not going nuts with grass and dog hair all over the floor. I will say… don’t be offended or alarmed the first few times you let her loose.  Your house is dirtier and dustier than you know!2017 Favorite Things - the things I just couldnt live without this year. What's on your list? @bigpittstop
  7. cookie butter (anything) – by the spoonful, inside Oreos, instead of peanut butter…its just good!
  8. robots – this is our theme for Joshua’s room and I’m just obsessed. I see them everywhere now and I’m having so much fun with the scavenger hunt. I already found a onsie for Valentine’s Day and little heart shaped valentines to send. I love that robots have a purpose and are created for function. But, I just think they are the cutest little things and I’m sure I’ll be enjoying them more than he does. Robots are going to be on my radar for a while! #boymom
  9. miniature shoes – well, everything miniature. So many times during my baby showers, I would just think, “why is everything so much cuter when its tiny?” Its so true. But i just think those little shoes and anything that’s grown man, but in a tiny size is just so darn cute.
  10. decaf tea and caffeine free Dr. Pepper – these have been 2 non-water liquids that have helped me make it through the last 7 months. I’m ok with drinking water but at some point, its got to give. We switched over to decaf Lipton tea and I don’t really see us switching back. Oh and I’ve already declared that my first thing I want after I have the baby is a real Dr. Pepper on good ice!
  11. Caramel Brûlée Starbucks – thankfully I’ve been able to get a few decaf coffee treats in this holiday season, but seriously…Carmel Brûlée never disappoints. Its the right kind of sweet with the right kind of coffee flavor. Not too bold, but enough to let me know its there. Now that December is coming to an end….I will miss you. January is a dark coffee month for me when I have to go back to normal, neutral flavors. Oh the holiday season my taste buds will miss your spicy, saucy days.
  12. notes app on my phone – it really has been a life saver. My brain swirls all the time and I’m always afraid I’ll forget something, so its so nice to have a place to dump those thoughts. I can keep up with gifts that I buy throughout the year, make menus and to do lists and even keep up with blog posts, content and ideas.
  13. podcasts– a couple this year that I just cant live without are the A Typical Life Podcast and Ear Hustle, When I’m in the car by myself, these are 2 that always get a listen. Boss Girl Creative has been a go to resource for learning, expanding and dreaming about all things digital media and Color and Happy was super digestible with its short season, but I “met” some really fascinating women. I listened to S-Town on a road trip and was sad when it abruptly ended. Looking forward to another year and some new podcast discoveries. Leave a comment and let me know what your ears are munching on podcast wise this year
  14. Pampered Chef coated knives– I love these things. They stay sharp even when they are used often. We have 3 and they stay in the front of our silverware drawer and are used almost daily. They are just one of my favorite kitchen tools.
  15. Frutopia – yes, the red stuff from our middle school, gas station snack, fantasy days. This should probably be higher on my list. But, throughout my pregnancy, this has been my fall back, my go to, my high craving and weird treat. There was a point in the fall when my local McDonald’s threatened me (you know who you are) and told me it was going away everywhere…but alas so far, that has not happened. So, I continue to savor and delight in a non-carbonated, non-caffeine treat. You are delightful and my taste buds will not soon forget you!
  16. Woo Pig Chewy – dear Yarnell’s Ice Cream, whomever on your beautifully creative team came up with the thought and idea of this delectable treat should get a raise and be in charge of all dreamy treat combinations. This stuff is so good! It is no secret that pregnant women like ice cream. It just happens, mostly because you have all the excuses in the world because your tummy is getting bigger anyway. But one fall day we decided to be all “arkansassy” and get a new flavor. This stuff is beautiful. Its creamy, not too sweet, all the right flavor combinations of brownies and just good. So, we keep it in our freezer and you should too!
  17. Omaha steaks – my mother-in-law sent us an anniversary gift package last year of Omaha Steaks. Super thoughtful and just the right kind of thing for her crazy daughter-in-law who cooks and makes up food all the time for her meat eating son. But, we have loved these and ordered again several times throughout the year. So many combinations and sides and desserts to boot. If you are looking for a unique gift…do it. If you just need good meat that is HIGH quality and always tastes good, do it. I love having great red meat in my freezer for a special week night meal if I need to. They are having a great sale online until the first of the year. Check it out.  And, they too have a great rewards program.
  18. $$ saving appsRetail Me Not, Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, all the stores we shop – I’m not going too deep in to this one other than to say if you are not using these apps, you are leaving money on the table. It does take a little work on some of them, but on others its just the simple fact of searching. I’m telling you get your phone out and save some money this year! I can send you a code for Ibotta and it will help me save some money and make sure you download the right app!
  19. Canva – not going too deep here either because I did so last year, but I’ve used this tool so much and talked about it so much that I cant not include it again this year.  If you do any type of design work, or need a tool to help you for your blog, business, non profit, parties, etc, let me encourage you to check this out. We use the paid version at work and its so nice because we can share logos, brand colors, etc and keep everything within our style guide. Get yourself a free account and grow from there!
  20. Marleylilly – I got pulled in by an Instagram ad and have started following this account. For my “sweet mercy” and southern friends, you need this account in your life. And, you need all the things they offer. Mr. McKinney picked up on my “comment” hints (where I tag him in something I want) and did good with his Christmas shopping this year. It is obvious their main audience is college age girls, but don’t let that fool you. Everyone needs all their things monogrammed. (and they are having an 80% off sale this weekend!)
  21. Pup socks – I love this account. I ordered the cutest gift and got it personalized with our Bailey girl on it. Super easy order process, I did it all on my phone in the car driving back from Houston. And that included uploading a picture of my sweet girl. And if socks arent your thing, they have sister companies who do coffee mugs too.
  22. And my favorite thing of all time is MR. MCKINNEY – y’all, I know in lots of ways we are still newlyweds and its given to be so crazy in love with him.  But, we have the best time. He is so kind to me and especially this past year when pregnancy has taught us new stuff and how to love each other differently. I know it will be crazy, and different, but I just cant wait to see what this next year brings us!

I hope you have the best year ahead.  I hope you make plans to dream big dreams, God-sized dreams for yourself and your family.  I hope you put down your devices and spend more time with people.  I hope you take grand adventures and make new friends. I hope you give more of yourself, make something with your hands, and sit down and soak in time. I hope you find a way every day to encourage someone and notice the hurt and heartache around you. I hope you treat yourself special and cut out doubt and self talk. I hope you experience the freedom that comes from obedience and that life just unfolds a beautiful journey in 2018!