OCC Shoebox Packing Tips | Ideas for 5-9 yr old girl boxToday, we tackle another group. I have a feeling this is the group that receives the most boxes.  While this post will focus on girl things, many of them could work for boys in the same age group.

Ideas for Girls 5-9

  • Jumbo Christmas coloring book – $.50 after Christmas sale at Dollar Tree
  • Hair accessory set – $.50 after Christmas stocking stuff at Walmart – I put the whole thing in each box, but you could just as easily open them and separate the items in to more sets
  • Princess lip gloss set – $.50 after Christmas Walmart stocking stuffer
  • Tissues – 8 pack $1 at Dollar Tree – even come in character designs
  • Play pack – activity, stickers, coloring book in a little zip pouch – $.50 after Christmas sale at Dollar Tree on Stocking Stuffers
  • Bars of soap from hotels – I just save these when I get a new one each day when I’m traveling
  • Buttons – cleaned out where I had saved the little buttons that come with a shirt or new pants, also those same buttons I found on the Walmart clearance aisle $.25 per card with multiple button on each
  • Packs of small playdough – 8 small tubs for $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Christmas stencils – 8 for $.48 after Christmas Walmart Stocking Stuffers
  • Crayons – $.24 each back to school shopping
  • Plastic cups – after valentines sale – probably 4 for $.50 (fill will all the little things and fit at the “foot” of the box
  • Plastic brushes – $.50 each after Christmas Walmart stocking stuffers
  • Pencil sharpeners – $50 for 8 after Christmas Walmart stocking stuffers – Bonus, they were shiny metallic colors so the kids will LOVE them
  • Erasers – cheap! The are the little erasers that come 25+ in a pouch or on a card.  So many and I 3-4 in each box

What about this group? Who do you usually pack for? I’ve seen several girls this age do a sleep over and bring the items to pack in their boxes. What else should be included?