This month, we’ve read the statistics and I’ve even shared my space with one of the warriors who lives bravely beyond the surprise of this dreaded disease.  But, what can we do?

Let’s just keep it simple:

my heart has much to be healthy for.  Its time to fight back and keep our hearts strong. #NWARKCares
heather kleber photography

My heart is full these days.  That boy of mine is keeping me floating, but you know as I enter my mid 30s, I’m realizing its time for me to take care of me. And, if I’m going to stay around to keep floating with him, I’ve got to pay attention to the signs, the genetics, and start living healthier now…and that includes all the spinning plates that keep me emotionally healthy as well.

Let’s commit together.  Its long past resolution time and picking that one little word to focus your year.  Let’s just try the little everyday things that we sometimes mess up, but get to start fresh with every day.

I’m looking forward to slowing down this spring.  Taking in and making new memories this summer. And, letting 2016 be full of life…lots and love of life filled moments!

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