3 big things….that’s what this week involved! Monumental would be an overstatement, but let’s digest and let you decide.

World Cancer Day.  We still have so many reasons to make our voices heard!Thursday was World Cancer Day.  A day I always celebrate.  I mean, it’s how BIGPITTSTOP got its start.  But more than that it brings for me 2 things: a reminder of where I’ve been and a reminder of why we must keep fighting!  World Cancer Day is a day set aside to get as many people talking about cancer as possible.  One collective voice around one cause.  16,000 Arkansans will receive a new cancer diagnosis this year.  Crazy, huh!  I have a friend who started new chemo treatments last week and another in a couple weeks.  We have come so far…but our voices must still be heard.  Increase funding for research, advocate for patents, survivors and caregivers and do the little everyday things to let people know you care!
World Cancer Day.  We still have so many reasons to make our voices heard!

Go Red for Women day #NWARKcares 
Friday was Go Red for Women Day.  Another opportunity to come together to let our collective voice be heard. While my heart is still, and always will be, with cancer, heart disease is still the number one killer of men and women.  Yesterday my #NWARKcares crew took on a selfie challenge and took to instagram and Facebook with our red hot pictures. More on heart disease later this month, but we have to take care of ourselves.  Be our own advocates and take care of our bodies…its the only one we’ve got!

And TODAY, we are 1 MONTH from the wedding!!! I know its really all I talk about right now, but I’ve waited 33 years and dreamed about this boy for 2.5 so I get a few days of just floating, right?  Seriously so many changes coming but these days I’m really just most excited about #becomingmrsmckinney.  The details are coming together, the final days of spending time with people is happening…and this week, we approved our vows.  “I’ve planned and waited for today, and all that was missing was you.”  Its here and I’m loving every moment!

1 month to #becomingmrsmckinney!!!

Hope you had a good week.  The days are full this time of year.  And with all the extra happening, I’m reminded to savor the quiet moments, use my voice and time in the best way possible, and fill the days with all the good things! 

What’s making your days full?