So, who is doing it best?

Celebrating women, the next generation of women – their leadership and the
good they will bring to women in our state and country?

This month, the Northwest Arkansas Bloggers through the #NWArkCares initiative is looking at Women in Politics and more specifically, Women in Leadership.  So, what does it take to believe?  Believe in the power of women to lead?  And, even more to yield and cultivate the ground for them to do so?

I’ve seen a few intentional campaigns recently by companies celebrating the next generation and the power of thinking differently about what women CAN DO.  You might find my thoughts this month a little overly intentional.  And, you would be right. But, here’s my list of who is wearing it well!

  • Barbie – a brand who has always catered to girls and those who buy them things is challenging us to Imagine the Possibilities
  • Always – a brand committed to products that girls need to use at a time when their self esteem plummets and they wonder who they, challenges the world wonder what it might be to do anything Like a Girl and live Unstoppable.  That even means a girl can be a quarterback!  I’m also impressed by their commitment to global puberty education.  (brands aligning their philanthropic interesting in their target marketed audience…its a beautiful thing!)
  • Dove – has always been a brand in my mind commented to women’s self-image and leading the charge to sell their products by sharing the message of empowerment and confidence.  Their latest campaign to realize You are More Beautiful Than You Think is challenging women to stop..slow down and see themselves as the people around them see them.  What if we were not threatened by the woman at the table and the ideas she is proposing and instead said, “we can be more” because she is part of our team. What confidence legacy are we offering the next generation?
  • Zappos Cotoure – I don’t have a video for this one, but while watching a show the other night, I was impressed that women were the voices and the faces representing this brand.  A company started by a man who is doing great things in business.  It would have been easy for him to make sure it’s his face that is still representing this new spin off company…but it was women.  Women inspiring women, designing and representing products for women.

Thank you for leading the way; starting the conversation and making significant statements along the way.  Thank you for using your brand to tell a story; a powerful story that is paving the way to a generation that does not know the same obstacles and glass ceiling my generation and the one before me had to push through.  Thank you for teaching a generation of men how to look at and think of women.  Your bravery is changing things.  Its making conversations happen and people think differently.

So, I ask.  What would happen?  What would a company look like if we allowed more women to seep to the top?  There are many doing it well.  Intentionally opening the door for women to sit at the table.  Lead companies, make decisions, be change agents.

What if we looked past the “emotional” responses that we are so afraid she might have and said, “yes” that’s just what our company (country) needs…is a little more heart in our decisions and responses.  What if we embraced the creativity and button pushing that comes from a little more estrogen at the table?  What if we saw multi-tasking as a gift to expedite and grow business?

What if we saw the unstoppable power of women to lead our communities, our companies and our country?