Earlier this month, I asked the question, “what grade would we give ourselves?”

Wonder what she is thinking? Then invite her to the table! Women in Leadership - What can you do? @bigpittstop #NWArkCares

Culture of women in business?
Culture of women in politics?  Nationally, statewide and locally?
Culture of women in church work?
Culture of women as community change agents?
Culture of women in true leadership?

we comfortable with women leading?  If not, what makes us
uncomfortable?  Is it women who are holding women back? Or, is it “old
culture”? Or, is it men?

The Representation Project goes so far as to challenge us that media is teaching this message early on.  I’d love to see a NWA group host a viewing of Miss Representation and let us have the conversation.  If the #NWArkCares project has taught me anything it’s that stereotypes are killing us.  We have got to drop the walls and build bridges!

So, what can you do?

Invite “them” to the table!

  • Don’t be scared of what might happen if a woman suggested a great idea that everyone else had over looked or not developed yet.
  • Don’t look around and wonder what the women would do..ask them!
  • Don’t wait for her to invite herself to the table…send her the invitation.

Educate Yourself

Educate the next generation

    What's Holding Women Back from Top Jobs

  • a fellow blogger, Julianne said it best! – I love Julianne’s point that she is responsible for teaching her kids to not be sexist…it is our job to teach the next generation
  • and another blogger, Sarah, shares how she is giving her daughter the tools she needs to know she can achieve
  • we cant be so scared of gender equality that we push people in to roles they may not be ready for
  • And my friend, Rhonda, is looking and what leadership looks like now for her kids
  • I’m always impressed by my friends who are raising boys and girls and aren’t scared when their son “accidentally” puts on a princess dress like his big sister, or her daughter wants to wear a jersey and helmet like her brother.  We learn a ton when we look at the world from the “atypical” perspective.  
  • I wasn’t really friends with girls until I got to college.  I always hung out with the guys.  I know how guys think and its a scary place.  But, it has served me well professionally.  I can sit at the table with the big boys and hang with with the conversation.  My thoughts are valid and validated and I know, when given a seat, I can be there fully and participate.

Get Involved

  • Run for an office
  • Volunteer to teach girls 
  • Host a viewing party or help on a campaign
  • Use your voice – amplify the causes that matter to you and when possible keep the causes that affect women at the top of the priority list

Biggest thing you can do?  Invite a girl to the table!!!

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