So we know the facts and we know that a victim of Domestic Violence can look like a neighbor,
co-worker, or the face in the mirror.  It’s messy to step in and get involved.  It requires vulnerability, educating ourselves and a willingness to get a little sticky.  So, what can we do and what are some resources to have handy?

Agencies in Northwest Arkansas and around the state that are helping:

What can I do?:

  1. Educate yourself – hover over the tab at the top for a full list of things to read through
  2. Turn your personal story into a spark for change – get involved and volunteer where you can when you can.
  3. Safety Plan – a great list of things to take when someone is removing themselves from a relationship or situation.
  4. Make donations based on specific needs that the Northwest Arkansas Shelter has at any given time.  They do not always need the same things.
  5. Some of the agencies mentioned above have volunteer opportunities and thrift stores
    that support their work.  Donate your old items to the thrift store to
    help continue the needed services they provide in NWA.
  6. Be a volunteer at these agencies and shelters for specific needs to train their clients – financial planning, meal planning, child care, grief counseling, resume writing, interview training, or another specific skill set you have or could bring. 
  7. Practice healthy relationships.  
  8. Contact your local, state and national legislators and voice your concern or support about pending legislation.

Whatever you do, pay attention.  Don’t keep your head in the ground that no one in your life has ever experienced Domestic Violence.  Statistics say otherwise.  Be willing to listen when someone starts telling you their story.  Whether it’s their past or their present, keep the things you have learned in mind.  Knowledge is power and with knowledge comes a built in responsibility to do something about the things you know.

Open your eyes and keep alert to the world around you.

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