The Facts: Domestic Violence in #NWARK @bigpittstop @NWArkCares

So, this month as we look at Domestic Violence in Northwest Arkansas, I thought it was important to share some of the staggering statistics that might just put context to the need for a megaphone.

As you read through these, let me challenge you to continue breathing.  This issue is not racist, sexist, or choosy about a specific economic class.  Anyone is fair game.  And its all staggering.

Imagine if someone asked you questions….

  • every time you went to get in your car
  • every time you dressed up, fixed your hair or put make up on to leave the house
  • about what you were cooking for dinner and wanted something different
  • you browsed and looked for things on the computer – questioned what websites you had been on and what you were doing while you were there
  • when you went to hang out with your friends…who are you meeting with? where are you going? What are you doing?
  • about covering up the marks on your body left from a violent night
  • kept you at home, away from a job, because they didn’t want you interacting with others who would “know”
  • sent you to work so they could have your money to spend on things they want

I know, its hard to swallow, right? Keep breathing……..

Things to consider:

  • Abuse can take on many different forms – physical, sexual, mental, emotional and financial.
  • Victims and survivors need to be heard.  Listen to them.  Believe them.  DON’T blame them.  This is not a situation for fault or reasoning.  LISTEN.
  • According to the Power of Control wheel – the behaviors are a cycle that occurs over and over based on action and response.
  • Abuse costs families, communities, and employers.
  • Victims/Survivors and witnesses to abuse (children/friends/roommates) are at a higher risk to be an abuser.
  • The barriers to restart one’s life can be daunting, emotionally, logistically and financially. 
  • Like most things, the way to stop is education.  Teach yourself what to look for and how to help someone in your life.

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