All month, we’ve been talking about LITERACY in Northwest Arkansas. (follow #NWArkCares to see the other articles and topics)

If you know anything about me, you know I like to find solutions.  When I know there is a problem and I can lend my voice to it, I’m all over it if there is actually something that can be done.

I spent some time this summer cleaning out my garage, as I’ve mentioned here and here, and this month of literacy talk inspired me

Special Delivery to a Free Little Library in Fayetteville.  Just one thing you cna do to help #Literacy in #NWARK. #NWARKCares @bigpittstop

to pull a box of books from “the pile” and take them to a friend who has deemed herself the local librarian for a Free Little Library in Fayetteville.  The cool crisp air flowing through her front porch made the most inviting setting for this beautiful little space, plus the conversation and memories over these classics was delightful.  I love knowing that some of my childhood books (and homework assignments) will be put to great use for the people of Washington County!

When it comes to literacy, there are a few things that I think YOU and I can do:

  1. Donate your money – whether its Giving Tuesday, or a regular Tuesday, any of the organizations we’ve mentioned would love your investment.
  2. Donate your time – be a reader
    1. senior centers, preschool centers, or homeless shelter
    2. my dad is a reading buddy at the elementary school where my sister teaches.  He gives 30 minutes of his time a week and he sits and reads with a student that the teacher knows needs a little extra help!
  3. Donate your books – this one specifically triggered my attention. Some options in Northwest Arkansas include:
  4.  Open your mind – this could very well be the most important
    • Dont Judge. Just stop.  
    • We are blessed.  All of us reading this are bless beyond what we know because we can read.  It changes the everyday little moments. 
Do what you can with what you have where you are. How can we help with #Literacy in #NWARK? #NWArkCares @bigpittstop

Be thankful and give when you can.  Inspire the next generation.  Educate on what you know. Extend grace, always grace.

**The idea for this post was inspired by the ladies committed to the #NWArkCares movement.  After I asked them about where to give some books, they offered a lot of really great options and ideas.  While my original question was not to crowd source for a post, I couldn’t leave their answers where they were.  So, these are not all my answers.  I fully share the credit to these amazingly creative and generous ladies I’m fortunate enough to call friends!**