Growing up, we would always wait until after school started to do our big back-to-school shopping trip.  Mom would take us shopping and get something for the first day or first days once I was on a block schedule.  It was a really smart idea that I might not have appreciated at the moment.

OFF2SCHOOL shopping code for K Cutie Designs Etsy Shop - valid until 8.31.15 @bigpittstopStop for a moment and think about it, everything in the stores right now is for fall, like sweater and boot weather fall.  It’s smart for the stores, but silly to buy sweaters when you live in TX and its still 100 in August!  Plus most of what you see is super trendy and who know what people are actually going to wear to school.  I’ll admit I was not the trendsetter.  I am a follower when it comes to style.  I’ll watch what other people are doing and figure out what I can pull off.  In middle school and high school I liked to think I was cooler than I was and would make my mom spend money on silly things, but I made it work. (for the record, the Dr. Martens are still in the bottom of my closet)

Its amazing how much more particular you are when its your money and not your mom’s you are spending!

So, to honor my mama and the tradition she set for us, I’m running an “OFF2SCHOOL” sale in my Etsy shop.  This is on top of the End of Season sale I have on some of my Little Lulu and Game day Dresses.

K Cutie Designs Etsy Shop

So, take a minute and check out my shop.  And, if you find something you like, then enter the code “OFF2SCHOOL” at check out.  I’ll pack it up and drop it in the mail to you!

Happy Shopping