Today marks a beautiful celebration.  30 years ago, a doctor in Tacoma Washington ran around a track at a local high school for 12 hours.  He ran to honor his patients who were battling cancer.  He asked people to donate as he ran. He asked people to join him and run in shifts throughout the night.

People were moved.

They came and ran with him.  They lined the track and cheered for him.  And, they gave. 

That night birthed the largest global movement in the fight against cancer….Relay For Life.  I’m always moved as we get to the week of Relay.  Next Friday night, my local community will gather and we will celebrate.  We will walk and we will remember.  And we will together fight back against the disease that has taken some, made others struggle and yet in the beauty of the redemption a moment…given life.

That’s the way I see it.  Cancer in so many ways changed my life and gave it back to me.  It shifted my perspective on life.  It shifted my perspective of personal relationships.  It taught me how to love myself and value life.  Its drew me closer to my Savior.  And, it pushed me forward to look at the days ahead will full HOPE, magnificence and possibility.

But, 1985 also brought another blessing.  It was in 1985 that a group of researchers were funded for a micro level project they were working on.  Yes, that’s what happens.  Researchers have to start somewhere.  They have dreams.  They have ideas.  They have possibility.  But, someone has to find the opportunity.  And, that year, one such team was given the catalyst funding that began the research that developed the standard protocol to treat and cure Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

While I was busy gaining my first title in life, BIG SISTER, there was a team of researchers working on theirs.  LIFE SAVERS is the title I give them.  After all, its the only words that eloquently describe what they mean to me. 

As I prepare for my Relay For Life event next weekend, I ask that you consider support our efforts.

You can donate directly to my participant page or purchase a luminaria in honor or memory of someone you know who has been diagnosed with cancer.

make a donation

Together we can finish the fight!!!