So, I’m giving myself a birthday present.  I’m changing my Sparkles from the Week series to Curate

Curate Crate | Things gathered along the way | April 3

Crate.  I’ve not always loved the name…it was something I landed on when I needed it.  And, its still the same thing…but as I’ve been doing research lately, I discovered that what I’m really doing is curating; gathering and dispersing…so here you have it – the first installment of Curate Crate.

I love to give myself a digital birthday present each year and since its my birthday month, I decided today was the day!

  • first a question – do you say grey or gray?
  • When prepping for my last Junior Achievement class, I came across this article about 13 brands that fell off a cliff.  Interesting what made them fail.  The topic came up in our “personal brand” session.  We talked a lot about reputation and consistency.
  • I’ve got a new book on my “to read” list.  Procrastinate on Purpose….challenging the world to think differently about time.  Can you get more time?  We all have the same 24…BeyoncĂ©, Malcolm Gladwell, you.  How do you get more time.
  • Ever stopped and thought about the lessons you learn from everyday moments.  How about a dad, a tea party and some Plastic Donuts?