A few gems from my week (the kinds of things that make me smile):

Sparkles from the Week: March 6 | A few gems I've run across...be inspired and live a little!
  • I love living in American where everyone can chase a dream! Well done partner! “Nobody owes you nothin’, life is what you make it!”
  • 6 Mistakes People Make in Leading High Performers
  • Where Entrepreneurial Guts can take you (the story of Paul Mitchell) 
  • What do you think about the thought – “Pay attention to the vital few and ignore the trivial.”  Paul Mitchell shared this in the link above…specifically referring to not having email.  I don’t know that I fully agree, but I’m marinating on the concept.  I’m not at his level so I can’t “ignore”, but I do need to learn to cut the fluff.  What do you think?
  • Lego is killing at on social.  Seriously they have some super creative someone sitting on their social team and I’d love to figure out who.  First, the Oscars (seriously the only product I’m still thinking about a couple weeks later) and then this. (yes, #dressgate) SO, SO timely…Oreo used to be my story..they are my new go-to!