For my friends who draw, doodle and design. I have a few Valentine’s Day scenarios for which we need a solution:

  • girl co worker-new and first time celebrating holidays
  • guy co worker. Not mushy, cheesy, glittery or “sweet”. Maybe just “Happy Feb 14. Everyone else was getting a card so I couldn’t leave you out”
(celebrating holidays at work is always a dilemma….dont worry, I’m getting the green food color ready!)
  • the mail man
  • the brother-in-law – I’ve resorted to the “kids” and “superheros” section!
  • the we’ve only been dating for a month so I can’t declare my love and freak you out
  • the single friend. We are both single. We don’t like this day, but we dont want to curse it
  • the friend who is alone for the first time in a long time and you don’t want them to be forgotten but you don’t want to bring up the obvious
  • “You’re a scumbag and someone needs to tell you. Today seems like a perfect day.”
  • A from the dog option where the word love is not replaced with “woof”
  • for your barista that you visit way too often, he might as well be your boyfriend like seriously he gives you something to cheer you up on cold nights and you always go to see him when nothing else will do
  • brother in law. It’s weird to leave him out but what do you really say? Here’s a Popsicle? (I mentioned it twice…do you see the dilemma?)
  • and I am loving this “galentines” concept
What other occasions did I leave out?
For the record. Walmart vendors really upped their game this year (atleast at my store) and I spent 30 min on the card sale laughing and saying “awe”. But mostly laughing and there were a couple snorts at some really good one!

My favorite card I saw this year was – (Emily McDowell has fantastic cards!)

and, if I were to design a card it would say, “The best friends are like a good bra.  They make you look good and support you when you need it”…off to design!