A few nuggets for the week – or a few things I’ve picked up along the way

  • Some great advice for my single ladies (or people who are curious what single people need to hear)!
  • For my #whole30 folks or the rest of us who think…can that veggie stuff really taste good, here are some healthy eating charts.
  • And for those who are still melting in the soulmate debate, I think I’m with this guy.
  • Shameful or not-so shameful plug for my pal Bachelor Sean since his book, For the Right Reasons, is coming out next week.  I’ve read an early release. Its good.  Its good if you’re nosy.  Its good if you love The Bachelor.  Its good if you are curious about the behind the scenes stuff.  Its good if you are curious about a man who can turn his life around.  Its good if you’re in love with love.  But, I really liked his list of 10 things he has learned in the first year of marriage that he dropped this week for his first anniversary – lots ‘o truth and real observations from a guy who got married in his late 20s and has to live with a girl now! (we are complicated creatures…)
  • And, then I loved this little gem from Constant Contact on making the most of Instagram.  Of course I’m convinced since we use their email system at work and because my pal Jacqueline Wolven is always bringing it in her webinars, but they have some great resources on their YouTube channel.  Who knew!