So I bought a necklace this weekend. One thing I wanted for Christmas, but never really put on a list was a dainty little necklace that I could wear everyday no matter if I was dressy or casual and whether I had on other jewelry. Just a little tiny one that would nestle high in between my collar bone. They always catch my eye when I’m eating lunch with a friend.  Because I didn’t really have it on any list, I didn’t get it.  But this weekend, that all changed.
I was in this cute store I love in Oklahoma City called Blue Seven.  It’s a hipster’s delight, but it also has great gifts and unique pieces in all departments.  

When I saw it hanging, I knew it was mine.  When I turned it over and saw the price, I did a double take. Sold.  It was going to be a gift to myself.  Sometimes I buy myself a Valentine’s present.  I think this might be the one. It simply says PEACE in a tiny little circle.  And, that’s the exact message I want hanging on my neck!
I love wearing something that has a story and meaning beyond the usual. And sometimes you just have to give yourself something that only you understand.  It’s the exact message I want people to see when they approach me and it’s the message I constantly want to remind myself when I catch a reflection. That the joy I want hanging around my neck is the message of peace. A reminder in my time.  A reminder to my wandering thoughts.  A reminder to my time.  A reminder to my joy.