About a year and half ago, I was introduced to the concept
of strengths management.  Having grown up
as someone who always looked at overcoming weaknesses, this was a really hard
topic for me.  Frankly, it’s something I
still struggle to fully grasp.  

I’m glad it was in my 30s that I’ve discovered this.  Yes, it would have been easier to give myself
the grace beyond had I learned it earlier, but I think I’ve come to a place
where I’m comfortable with who I am.  For
the most part, who I’m going to be is who I already am.  Yes, some life circumstances that I’ve yet to
experience may shape and form my mindsets, but I am who I am.
The strengths management model challenges you to look at
what you bring to the table, who you are in work style, personality, etc and be
all of what you bring.  And, find and
build a team around you that fills in the gaps from your weaknesses.
For a boss, discovering their team can be
transformational.  When you know who sits
at your table and what their strengths are and what makes their hearts soar,
you can build a team of people who are working from their happy place most of
the time.  
What I had been doing was figuring out my strengths and
maintaining them while trying to improve my weaknesses.  And, what happened in those moments was mediocrity
in my strengths and some small, if any improvement in my weaknesses, but tons
of frustration filling my space.  But,
when I shifted to looking at my strengths and making them greater, I’ve found
more personal satisfaction in my work and really finding that when I work in
that place and the best of who I am and what I bring to the table, my whole world
fills fuller.  My heart is satisfied and
my life fills full.  
So, for me, realizing my purposes and passions and working
and building life from that place has MAXIMIZED fulfillment.  
While its comfortable and ok to try to make those areas of weakness
better and be aware of them.  Its
detrimental to progress to focus on them and become engulfed with making them
We all have
Let me repeat that because I needed someone to say that to
me directly.
We need weaknesses to have strengths.  If we didn’t have weaknesses then the things
that make us AMAZING would be just be who we are; nothing positive or negative,
good or bad, strong or weak.  We would just
be.  But, because we have weaknesses, we
have strengths.  
And, its ok.
Exhaustion comes when we start trying to be what we are
not.  Trying to pull or give from a place
that doesn’t fulfill us or where we are weak.
Some blogger gals have been keeping it real through a
#30daysofReal challenge.  For me, today,
keeping it real means realizing I’m just not some things.  There are things I’m not good at, and that’s ok.  There are things I cannot do.  There are clothes I will never wear.  There is a lifestyle I will never live or
feel comfortable in.  There are things on
my to-do list that I will not ever get done.  
But, there are things I am amazing at.  I can bring the fun – the party if you
will.  I can bake a mean dessert.  I can encourage and discern a situation.  I can sum up a bunch of conversations and
feelings into a few words.  I am and can
be a lot of things.
#30daysofReal – give myself the grace to be amazing at being
me! (and wearing yoga pants to bible study because I want to discuss life in stretchy pants.