#cookiequest: Round 1 was as straight forward as I’ve ever been with any cooking I’ve ever done.  I picked 4 basic recipes and I followed the instructions exactly as they were listed.

Research told me these were the most “gone to” basic chocolate chip cookie recipes so I choose to start here.

Pre-spreadsheet, pre tasting, no pre-conceived ideas about what I thought would be the best.

Just a simple day of baking!


So, what exactly does baking day look like?  I’m so glad you asked…

It all started with a pile.  A pile I built on a day it was snowing.  I mean, what better way/reason/need/ to start your quest than on a day when you know its going to be snowing outside!  (for the record it was not enough brown sugar and I did not need oil.  Fun fact, cookies, at least these kind, don’t need oil!)
Butter and Sugar – yes, sugar is a wet ingredient
Brown sugar and vanilla – cream and mix thoroughly
dry ingredients need their own bowl and eggs need to be stirred in one at a time
I’m ok with breaking the rules and mixing in chocolate chips with the hand mixer.  I’m not a fan of stirring anything. #lazychef
Before and after
 Everybody needs a close up!
1 – Baked Immediately after mixing
2 – Baked after chilling for 24 hours in refrigerator
I’m so thankful to my team at work who sacrificially gave up their calorie count for the day to be part of this ever important experiment.
  • 24 hours makes a huge difference.  DONE.
  • Ultimate was too buttery for some, most.
  • Toll House looked like the classic chocolate chip cookie. And, as predicted, the Toll House lover picked it out of a blind test.
  • Neiman was good, but the coffee was too much.  Everyone loved the texture, but was hard to judge. 
  • Wanted to eat the Neiman’s cookie with a cup of coffee, but only wanted one.
  • Didn’t really have an opinion about the Chewy Chunk. 
My next plan will involved my hypothesis of Bread Flour.  We know 24 hours is going to happen and maybe a different take on these same recipes.