So, I did the quest.  No what?

Even typing those words make this kind a flippant.  It was a fast discovery, but it was not without thought and plans and precision.  You know all the important things that go into making a quest.

But, what did I learn?  Well, I made a few notes along the way:

Coffee flavor/powder enhances the flavor of
chocolate, makes it sweeter.  But it also
tastes like toffee when mixed with brown sugar. 
And, people who do not like coffee flavor often do not like toffee
flavor either.

Bread flour makes chocolate chip cookies
chewier.  But, it needs something like an
extra egg yolk to off set the moisture. 

Sweet vs. savory eaters – in every tasting experiment, those who usually prefer sweet over savory or savory over sweet liked the same kind of cookie.  I actually knew from the taste of the dough which cookie they wanted…and it was the same thing every time.  (so, for the record…the cookie I ended up with is loved most by sweet eaters…the rest of you will only want one!)

Toll House cookie lovers are loyal.  They are also eaters of the generic
flavor.  They are rule followers, and do
not veer off the paved road. 

I’m way nerdier than I thought.

I cant do anything simply.

I like a semi-sweet chocolate chip in a cookie
over other things.  I thought I was a
milk chocolate girl, but if it’s a good cookie, it doenst need an overpowering
chocolate chip.

I’m not loyal to a chocolate chip brand.  I’m still a cheap girl.  Don’t need a name brand. 

Spreadsheets are still my love language and I
can see and order most of life in that regard. #gridlinesmakemehappy – bullet points
don’t hurt either.

I am my mother’s child.

Yep, all that from a few days in a kitchen slaving over a hot oven!

And, yesterday, even as I posted the link to the final recipe, there was the question….what is next?  Of course, because my mind cannot shut down, I have a few things in mind.  But, I’ll tell you.  They will not happen for a while.  I’m tired.  Making cookies is hard work!

I still want to see if there are other “perfect cookies” out there.  I personally like a chocolate chip cookie with oatmeal in it.  I like the rustic feel to that kind of cookie and the chewy texture.  I may embark on that.  Or, I might try my hand at other creative endeavors.  I mean, I have parts of 4 different quilts going right now.  I might just observe for a while and I might even take January off!  Thanks for journeying with me.  Thanks for embracing my race.  Thanks for being willing to taste test.  I’m sure I’ll be the girl with a plate of cookies for a while!