So, it begins…Advent 2014.  Each year, I seem to get to this point and wonder how did it happen so fast.  How did 365 days pass and yet again I find myself peering into the manger staring at the baby Jesus.  The Mother Mary. The father, Joseph.  The lone donkey. The haggard shepherds alongside the majestic wise men.

I wonder what I’ve learned and experienced since I saw them last.  I wonder what emotions feel more relevant this time and what I’ve been able to shake off.  Do I bring back the same me to this place? Do I gleam with the same anticipation?  Do I covet the same curiosities?  Do I still sit in wonderment and awe?

That baby.  That tiny little baby.  The hands that would show direction and bring healing.  Those toes that would walk, direct, and show the way.  Those lips.  Those tiny little lips that would speak Truth, Forgiveness, Redemptive words and Love. 

Those, those are the things I pondered this morning.

This weekend, I helped my mother decorate her tree.  Its the place that feels like home and its the

place where I decorate.  As for me and my tiny life, I’ll set them out.  The people mentioned above.  I want to call them characters, but they had life.  The message they came to proclaim lives on. 

A message of hope, peace, love, joy, Christ.  A message of coming.  Emmanuel, God with Us.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the team at church that prepared the Advent Readings and Family Activities.  If you do not have Advent readings ready, please let me encourage you to enjoy these.

Fellowship Advent Readings
Mosaic Advent Devotional

I’m also looking forward to jumping in to Ann V‘s The Greatest Gift (I love a good Christmas love story!!!).  Its’ been sitting my nightstand for a year…tis the season!