So, because I’m a nerd and planning is my middle name and I’m on a “quest” so it feels like its more than just jumping in the kitchen and playing around, I felt like I needed a plan.  A specific order and set of steps for discovery.

1.  Based on research, bake the 4 basic chocolate chip cookie recipes

2. Bake 4 of each cookie as is, immediately following mixing – bake, photograph, taste, observe

3. Save 4 cookies of each (same size as others) and refrigerate for 24 hours – bake, photograph, taste, observe

4.  Decide which recipe is best and tweak the ingredients.

  • I’m determined to see if bread flour makes a difference
  • I’m determined to see if size of cookie makes them bake up different
  • I’m determined to find out if there is anything to the butter/butter-Crisco myth
  • I’m determined to find out if the sugar combination matters to baking or taste

5.  Several other “type” of recipes have come out.  I personally LOVE an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, so I will be trying some variations after I determine the basic recipe.  (if you have any to add to the mix, email it to me!)

2 things I think should be stated from the beginning about my cookie experimenting:

  • NO cookie should ever have nuts in it.  For you nut lovers, I’m sorry, you will be disappointed here.  The best way to ruin a chocolate chip cookie is to put nuts in it.  So, if one of these recipes calls for nuts, I’m skipping that step like it doesn’t even exist. 
  • I bake all cookies on a seasoned baking stone.  Its always been the PERFECT thing to cook my cookies on.  The one I use I’ve been cooking on for 10 years.  Its seasoned,  The cookies cook perfect, they slide off easy and I have less clean up.  I do have a back up that I’ll use on the days I’m cooking dozens at a time, but for now, expect to see the dark brown, seasoned baking stone…I’ll swear by that thing.