So, I’m kinda behind on announcing, but it just gave more time for YOU to enter the giveaway!

Thanks to The Media Collective, Mandisa’s managing group who offered a CD for giveaway during our Overcomer series, I got to bump things up a notch!

I conducted a very southern and scientific drawing.  I wrote the names of all who qualified down on their own piece of paper.  I folded them.  Put them in a bowl and shook it up (I was shaking to Good Morning off The REMIX album!)

I reached in and pulled out one lucky chick…. @Amanda_Farris1

She is hosting a month long series on Intentional Friendship you should totally go check out.

And, just so all of you feel like winners, here’s a link to one of the songs on the Remix album.  Make sure you follow @MandisaVevo on youtube for all the videos that will get you movin!

And, just for those curious, we will keep this going as long as people want to submit…so, not to fret we will keep hearing the #overcomer stories into November.  Aren’t you loving seeing all the bravery?!?!