I decided to change the name of my weekly installment.  I’m not sure that “truffs” is always the best word since sometimes its just shiny things that caught my attention, so I went with sparkles because sparkly things catch my attention 🙂

A few things on my radar from the week:

  • First, I cant even look at anything flippant this week without first recognizing what’s going on in Iraq.  Frankly, I don’t event want to look it up and try to gather more info.  While its left me fully unaware of all that’s going on in the world, I’ve chosen to just be aloof when it comes to news.  I don’t really want to see the yuck in the world and in the midst, I’m missing some serious things happening.  Last night at dinner some friends brought be up to speed and its really good that I had already eaten dinner.  I’m so sad thinking about the families of those children.  Its unbelievable that heads are sitting on the ends of swords around plazas.  It is not good.  And, we are left to pray.  It’s the thing we can do from a distance.
  • My Big Family Home Renovation started this week – I love me some Jen Hatmaker and I’m really excited about catching this show…Especially after I read this, this morning.
  • I’m in to stamping silverware.  Well, not stamping it myself, but I think its really cool.  I’ve already added a couple pieces to my Christmas list.
  • I’m also convince that some things are not ok to make at home!
  • Millenials in the workplace – I’ve hired them, I’ve fired them, I’ve read about them and studied them.  But, working alongside a Millenial again where I’m not in the pace for correction is proving to be a little interesting turn of events at this stage in my life.  Why can they not be corrected? Why do they not listen when you try to coach? Why do they insist on being right?  Why are they defensive?  Why does the blame always have to be on someone else?  Get it together…we want what’s best for you but more than that, we want is best for out organization and that might not include you if we keep on this path!

That’s enough to distract for now!