Well friends, today was the day. 

The day a dream unfolded.

The day ‘ole was heard around Faulkner county.

Tacos 4 Life opened this morning.

While at Ouachita I had the privilege to get to know so many amazing students.  Some I mentored, some I offered advice and some I watched dream and dream big.  Some of those amazing students I even have the privilege of calling my dearest friends.  But, along the journey of life comes some people who are family. 

Austin and Ashton Samuelson are simply that to me…family.

I love these 2 for so many reasons, but their hearts to change the world in a way that makes sense for them and more sense for the children they help everyday, moves me at my core.

These two dream God-sized dreams. 

Several years ago they were moved to do something about the hunger issue locally and globally.  They realized they could combine their passion for food and business and learned every lesson the hard way.  But what has unfolded is a perfect example of social entrepreneurialism in the grandest delight and the rest of us get to partake of the joy!

Today they watched dream #2 unfold as Tacos 4 Life fed its first paying customers!

What I love even more is that they built this dream on the indigo model (don’t know what I’m talking about…watch the video).  Meaning they reached out to local people and asked them to be the first investors.  A local business funded by local people.  What a privilege it has been to invest in this dream and watch it all unfold (yes, I still remember the day we talked about social media plans on the back of a napkin in Panera Bread….my we they have come a long way!)

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to attend a special tasting just for some close friends.  When I tell you that I’ve enjoyed partaking in some R & D over the last month with them, I’d drive back through Conway on a late night just to startle them all over again and have those conversations once more.

Taco Truck eating is some of my favorite way to dine and I always love the creative cuisines that they can carry.  But to combine all my favorite food experiences into one place is going to make it really hard not to take a weekly trip to Conway!

Tacos 4 Life is similar to its sister restaurant Pitza 42 in that it is a meal for meal concept.  It mimics the friendly staff and quick service, but it quickly departs on its own culinary adventure and takes you straight down the Mediterranean Rivera, across the open plains of the Texas Hill country and right smack dab down a Mexican street market.  The flavors are new and different, the menu is full of variety, and the ingredients are fresh and homemade.  When I mention variety, I’m talking tacos, nachos, burritos and quesadillas.  But, its not your typical walk to the counter and order the same thing just wrapped in a different package.  Its personalized and every menu items is particularly developed with a specific flavor palate in mind. 

Combine all that together in an environment trimmed with vintage chandeliers, rustic and modern patio furniture  and the Texan in me loved the mounted long horns!  You might even be surprised to find a few things from your grandmothers house that you never new held such mesmerizing charm. 

 So, I mustache you a question?  When we going for tacos?

Seriously to my business minded friends, you must investigate this story.  To my food loving friends, you can pay me later in their guacamole for mentioning this and for people in Central AR who need a fun date night or group place to go, I assure you the patio will not disappoint this summer.  Just try me – I’m willing to be wrong (but that won’t happen here!).