These days I often find myself in random cities for random reasons. Well, not all together random. I’m usually working with one of my staff members or volunteers talking to community members about Relay For Life. 
Being a believer in keeping it local, supporting the little man and standing by those who stand by us, I try to avoid fast foods, chains and places I can eat at home. 
Today I found myself right outside of the Van Buren Industrial Park when the stomach hunger grumbling a kicked in. We decided to saunter, in our vehicle, to old downtown and see what we could find. First option was the Boomerang Diner. None of those present had ever darkened the door, so we decided today was the day. 
Filling the old Aneheuser Busch Brewing Company building on the corner of 6th and Main is a diner that will tempt you with delights. 
They have kept true to the original motif in restoration including a long wooden bar, ornamental ceiling, tiled floor and bar railing. The chandieler that greets you upon arrival is matched only to the Crawford Countu twang in the girls voice as she told us to “sit anywhere ya like”. 
While the special today, chicken fried steak sandwich basket, was being enjoyed by several industry workmen, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an old fashioned hamburger. The giant cup of sweet tea arrived quickly. The wait time for my burger was just long enough for me to begin imagining the stories the brick walls could tell. Especially knowing it had also been home at one point to a Cat House (yes, that’s what people in the old Arkansas River Valley and old western cities that border Oklahoma called “brothels”). 
The burger did not disappoint. The uneven edges revealed, by sight, a hand made patty and the fresh veggies piled high made for a perfect crunch of homemade pleasure. The pickle-os were a perfect side for the table to share accompanied by Ranch dressing. 
My arteries will be disappointed later, because I should have spent the next hour walking the strets of their perfect little downtown full of galleries and boutiques. 
Oh well, guess there’s always next time!!