so, I have the fortunate gift of working at a job that I truly see as a calling.  as a matter of fact, I’ve always worked at a job that I saw as a calling.

I really thought about this last fall while teaching a junior achievement class.  in one of our classroom sessions we talked about the “non-negotiables” of our job or work environment.  And one of mine was mission.  (my list also included creativity and working with people/public).

But last night, I had an experience that reminded me why I do what I do.

I had a young lady contact me through Facebook and say, “you don’t know me, but I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on Friday and _________ told me to contact you”.  And, just like that the reports, the forms, the conference calls, the strategies, the obstacles; they all made sense and at the same time seemed completely senseless.  In less that 7 days, I’ve had 3 reminders that the fight isn’t over or even slowing down.  2 were people my age and another was my moms.  All, way too young to deal with the “c” word.

But, we don’t often get to tell the world what it can and cant give us.  We don’t get to say what it can and cannot take from us.

Its a calling – a calling that chose me.  Sometimes we get to pick a passion, but more often than not, our passion develops from the journey our road takes. 

So, I wonder about you, are you living out your passion.  I’m not meaning are you drawing a paycheck from it, but do you live it out?