so, if were new friends, I want to let you in on a little secret. 

I’m not a January fan.

Not in any way shape or form.  its grey.  bleak.  usually frigid.  boring and such a downer after all the holiday festivities.  I mean its nice to not have to be in a bajillion places like I did last month, but I find I’m always busier because I’m filling my days to keep busy.

So, since its February 1, I guess I can say I survived another January. 

It wasn’t all bad.  I’ve had some transitions at work that have allowed me to pass off some responsibilities and really get creative. Just yesterday I put the finishing touches on my work calendar for February.  And, while I’ve got to tackle the details, I’m planned ahead!  Which you know makes me so happy. 

I’m in control of my calendar.  I’m not letting it control me. 

Tonight I’m hanging out with some of my favorite chicks at Womenade Pajama Party and have a catch up coffee date set with one of my girlfriends.  Feb 1 is already proving to be better than the last!

Do you have anything you are REALLY looking forward to this month?

I’m out…leftover pizza is calling my name!