Well, I did it.  I finally experimented and messed up something that was perfectly fine on its own.  But, I tried and now I don’t have to wonder.
So, yesterday I was snowed in.  Well, so was most of our state and our neighbors to the left (West).  So, with random things in my fridge, I decided to try something new.  I was craving something sweet and noticed 3 strategic cans of biscuits in the bottom of my fridge.  Not sure when I bought said biscuits I thought this would be a perfect night to keep myself busy.  Most of the day I had been thinking about making donuts out of them but I had a late afternoon epiphany…why not go with Monkey Bread?

Why would I just go with my mom’s standard recipe?  Today was a good day to try something new.  A couple years ago, I veered from her recipe and tried one that involved butterscotch pudding.  By far the best version of monkey bread I’ve ever made (or eaten)!  But, while I had everything else, I did not have the pudding…so it was a no go there.  Then I remembered seeing PW, yea the one I saw a couple weeks ago, make monkey bread on her show.  So, rather than pull out my cookbook and scroll through the pages I did the next best (and way easier) thing.  I went to her website and typed in monkey bread!  And found this little gem posted by her friend Ryan.

So, like I usually do I looked at what I had to work with and went to town.
Step 1, open your can of biscuits.  Cant be that difficult can it?  Well, apparently my cans were a little old.  Why would I say that?  It exploded all over my counter.  Notice the cutting board.  Yea, not much to work with there.  Thankfully, I either figured out the method to the madness or the third can had not been in there as long, but I made it work.  I pieced together biscuit dough to make “cubed-sized” pieces.
Step 2, I mixed together my sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin pie (why not!) spice in a plastic bowl that has a lid.  Yes I could have put it in a Ziploc bag, but those were in my garage and its cold out there so I used what was in the cabinet right in front of my face! (I justified that it was more environmentally friendly too!)
Step 3, put all the biscuit pieces into my bundt pan.  I sprayed my pan with canola oil, but given the next step that may not have been necessary (I almost put this in muffin tins, but since it was just me and I was planning to eat on it all weekend, I decided that the bundt pan was the way to go.

Step 4, I melted 2 sticks of butter in a sauce pan.  Once both were melted I added in 2/3 C brown sugar.  Now that I see the recipe again I see that it was just supposed to be 1/2.  Oh well, a little extra never hurt anyone right?  Plus my hands were too sticky to touch my computer…hence the reason I should have looked it up in my cook book.  Note to self!  I let it come to a boil and make itself all carmely. I was assuming I was doing the same thing I do to make Christmas Crack.


Step 5, this is where I was mistaken.  If I love peanut butter.  And I love this recipe, why wouldn’t a big scoop of peanut butter make it better. It would melt perfectly in this yummy saucepan and then would just bring all its goodness to this treat I was making for myself.  You can try it if you want…but I was so wrong.  So, when trying this yourself…THROW OUT THIS STEP.  Leave the peanut butter for saltine sandwiches and after school banana snacks! That being said back to the program as regularly scheduled!

Step 5 (because we are forgetting the last one!), pour the butter and brown sugar over the biscuits.  Yes, seriously.  This is where the recipe goes way different than the one I grew up with.  But, I’m game for it if you are!  I left the photo below bigger than the others because who doesn’t love a moat of the makings of a caramel sauce.

Step 6,  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  It was perfect for mine, but you might need a few more minutes.
Step 7, wait and let everything set up.  I waited, but mine was not meant to be.  It would not pop out of the bundt pan.  Again something I’ve never had happen.  Oh well, thankfully this is a moment when looks aren’t everything!
Just look at that (should be) goodness right there.  The texture was perfect.  Gooey on top, with a few crispy edges mixed in.  But, the flavor was just not there.  I do think the biscuits were old and the peanut butter made the sauce creamy instead of saucy and the flavor…well it just wasn’t right. 

Oh well, part of what I get to do here is express life.  Trials.  Mistakes.  Lessons learned.
Keepin’ it real!
(do include the regular monkey bread in your holiday menu plans or try this PW orange vanilla variation instead!)