So, we’ve hit the wall and I’m kinda curious to see how you guys handle this situation. 


While its not my first Christmas in my current office, I had only been there 3 months when the holidays rolled around last year and my boss at the time had just quit so we were frying much bigger fish (oooo that would have been a good idea!). 

Christmas came and went last year.  For me it was just something I survived.  I was not in a good mental place.  I put a tree up out of obligations (something I can’t even say I did this year).  My gifts weren’t very intentional and probably didn’t even have ribbons on them.  Christmas marked a break, a chance for my brain to shut down. And, I think I sent out Christmas cards?  Hopefully!

You think I’m making too big a deal out of it?  But, let me list the things that have to be considered and then you tell me if I’m over reacting.

  • who plans it?
  • what has been done in the past?
  • does it need to have a theme?
  • do you go out to eat or go with the pot luck (we only have 4 in our office)?
  • do we buy gifts?
  • how much do we spend?
  • how do we exchange them?
  • do we get involved in another “holiday” related charity and give something back?
  • do we plan something for our volunteers?
  • when do we have it?  during office hours or after hours? 
  • do you ask for input or just decide?
  • do you play games or go do an activity together off site?
  • thankfully we have girls only, but boys to consider makes it more complicated!
  • do you buy your boss a present different than other people?
  • do you give everyone the same thing or something personalized?
  • how do you include staff that are on your team but work from a home office?

See, there are many things to be considered especially when there are 4 people who are doing their first office Christmas party together. 

This is real life people…..

How do you handle your office party?