I went to bed early last night (because I wore myself out Christmas shopping yesterday evening, but the list is almost done…seriously).  Which means, now that I’m an old lady, I wake up early.  Since a blizzard blew in yesterday I knew soup was on the menu today and frankly the hardest thing to get up and cook is a bunch of cans in the crockpot!
Somewhere along the way I’ve heard a holiday tradition of soup and cinnamon rolls.  I tried to Google it and get a little background, but apparently I really am crazy…no one has record of this tradition anywhere.  Oh well, making soup made me want to have cinnamon rolls. 
So, I slaved over unrolling the wrapper of the cinnamon rolls that were sitting in the bottom of my fridge.
I will admit I’ve been on somewhat of a experimental journey trying to discover which are my favorite canned cinnamon rolls.  This morning I might have found my resolution!

I’ve always been a fan of the orange flavored rolls.  I think that’s some old southern tradition.  But, my sister got sick one time on them so it was always a treat when we were at the store and I got to pick the flavor.  When I was in my “fat girl stage”, I love the cream cheese icing ones.  Not that cream cheese icing makes you a fat girl, but I loved all things sweet and the more the merrier (and could probably take out a can of rolls by myself).  Now, that icing just seems too much and the Cinnabon ones just don’t taste the same as the ones at the mall (or in the airport when I’m running and that’s usually when the craving hits!)

On a recent trip to my local Neighborhood Market, I snagged a roll of the Pillsbury Giant cinnamon rolls with caramel icing (you know for the morning I got a hankering for cinnamon rolls while I was making soup in the crockpot).  I have recently discovered that I do like the giant size, hard decision made. Helps with portion control and me not being a single gal with 12 cinnamon rolls sitting here starring at me!

After this morning, I’m a converted caramel roll lover! 

To make it even better, I had some Pampered Chef apple pie sprinkles in my cabinet and after I sprayed the Pam on the pan I dusted the bottom with those little gems and sprinkled the top of the rolls with a few more before I put them in the oven.  The caramel and apple were the perfect combination and I loved the extra crunch. 

Not sure Sandra Lee would approve of that “semi-homemade”, but instant gratification was the greater accomplishment!

Yes, there are 4 left if you want to come get one!

(oh and I’m not sure what kind of oven they use in their test kitchen but its always about 5 minutes too many!)