I just had a lovely loooooong drive back from Madison Co which afforded me the opportunity to have the most beautiful view of the moon.

Tonight…its a toenail.

(I didn’t take this picture…I wanted to pull over but what I got with my phone was not worthy of being shared!)

Or, at least that’s what  called it when I was a kid

But, as I was driving, it made me think of a couple things

1.  The book Goodnight, Moon
2.  “I see the moon and the moon sees me.  God bless the moon and God bless me.”  I don’t know that  remember saying this quote as a child but there is something in my mind that goes directly to a childlike mindset any time I hear that quote.
3.  I can also picture my dad looking out the window of my bedroom.  He loves to watch a lightening storm and would do that in my room.  When I was little my bedroom was on the front of the house and it faced North.  Nothing like a Northern storm blowing in and I remembered just standing there with him (yes, it made my mom crazy for us to stand by a window during a storm).  He seemed like a giant to me, I’m sure I would reach up and grab his hand, I’m not really one for storms, but I remember those special moments with him….just the two of us.
4.  But the moment I remember most is my granddad.  I’m not sure why the toenail moon makes me think of him.  Maybe its because he lived away from the city lights and the sky at his house was cloudless and clear.  Maybe its because when you went in his backyard you could see the sky from perimeter to perimeter.  Who knows, he is probably the one that taught me the term “toenail moon”.  That seems like something he would say.

No matter why I thought of him, it was a sweet memory to walk down this evening. 

I know we share the same sky, but was the toenail moon shining over you tonight?