So, the other night I was reading on The Single Woman and came a cross this quote in her post about reflections on the quote “every woman has the exact love life she wants”. 

I mean to tell you I had never thought about singleness in this way and when I read it, it smacked me in the forehead like a light pole I wasn’t paying attention to (yes, I’ve actually done that before…it will smack you right dab in the middle of the face!).

“I like that I can sit on my front steps on a cool autumn night with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and talk to God for HOURS, because I don’t have anywhere else to be or anyone else to be with. I like that my heart belongs to Him and is safe with Him. I like that He is the only entity I feel the need to consult with before making big life decisions…and I like that I have the luxury of a deeply intimate walk with Him, because He has my undivided attention and undistracted devotion.  I’m pretty sure God really likes that, too.”

The luxury of a deep intimate walk with HIM – because my devotion is undistracted!

Wow, what an amazing thought.  That this time of singleness is a gift bc its my chance to really, wholly, fully give my undivided attention to God. 

Oh that I will dwell on that sacred thought!  And, live in that sacred place.