I’m loving these little evenings our blogger community has created.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Local dining with friends you’ve met through blogging and have begun to build community with (and always an opportunity to finally meet someone you feel like you already know!).  Some travel from other parts of the state, some travel across county lines and some just live 3 blocks away.  But, what’s so fun is we solve the problems of the world – our world.  We express freely.  We share honestly.  We love.  We hug.  We keep it real and honest.  And, above all else, we eat really well!
this month we gathered at Heirloom on the Rogers Square.  Love this place.  Love the chef.  Love that her parents are her staff.  Love the food she serves.  Love that she keeps it local.  Love the environment.  Several good conversations in my last 12 months have happened here.  Including some heart healing.
thankfully Terra remembered that we were supposed to bring socks for SOCKtober…thanks to Kid President calling us out to support our friends down in Little Rock.  Stop and watch this video….do it right now and come on back!  Love that he called out someone in our state and that we could be part of it…I forgot my socks so I’m going online and making the donation instead!  One month.  One Million people…what can we do? http://happysocktober.com

So, we dined Mezza style, which I’m beginning to learn is my favorite way to dine.  I mean who doesn’t love a plate of mini bites.  And, the best part…everyone shares.  Or, at least their plate gets passed around the table whether they want it to or not!

Where else can you try sardine butter?
Or Bacon Jam – pretty sure they now know that homemade pimento cheese is a no-brainer…I will always order.  Especially when I can mix it with bacon jam on homemade wheat crackers
And then, you get to enjoy all that in the company of these dear folks!
See, we were trying to solve the problems of the world.
Love my blogger chicks!