So, I’ve decided to surround myself with words to live by. 

Filth in, filth out. 
Not necessarily does the opposite always work, but I realized something last Monday as I started my day in full worship-what I think surrounds the rest of my day. The words I read, see and hear really do affect how my mind works. 
A couple weeks ago I got this awesome magnetic angel from a friend of my mom. (Don’t you love friends who bring cool presents when they come to visit?!?!) I love that this angel can sit or hang. I spend a lot of time consistently in front of my mirror. Every morning and every evening I find myself looking at the same spot. So I decided to hang my angel here. 
The angel came with a packet of words, graphics, etc. and of course the magnet strips come as a themed packet. This one, Your story matters. 
So, here are the words I’ve currently chosen to read every morning. 
“Listen to Grace”
“What sets your heart free?”
“Surrender your fear”
“Hello courage”
“Anything is possible” 
“Love wide”
From time to time I will change out the words and find new inspiration. 
In the midst if this I’m also trying to decide what words to write on the top of my mirror; quote or verse, I can’t decide. 
Any thoughts? Any daily mantras you use? Any words you surround yourself with?