So, I’m going to be more intentional about this. 

This weekend there was an offer to get signed up for a gratitude buddy with other conference attendees. I wanted to do it. But the thought of one more thing “I had to do” just made my heart start beating fast. And even more so was the thought of letting someone down by not fully being able to commit to my daily gratitude relationship. So I decided to focus on gratitude in my heart. To find daily and hourly moments to be grateful. 
Today I’m starting Freedom Friday. I was inspired by a friend on Facebook this morning who talked about removing the chains in our life that are holding us back and for me PERSPECTIVE is big! I’m always a glass full kind if girl, but am I intentional about it?
So on this, my first Freedom Friday, I’m grateful for:
-a chiropractor who is making my neck better which makes me less tense
-that someone turned in my wallet that I left at McDonald’s and it appears that only $30 that I made with KCutie at the AWBU marketplace and an empty Walmart gift card are missing
-lifelock=peace of mind (see previous)
-I’m grateful for the gift of CPS3 that has allowed me to make professional connections that I needed so badly
-for co-workers who work hard and are fully committed to the mission of making a difference in people’s lives. 
-and just because its not spiritual, I’m grateful for coffee. Not because it wakes me up but coffee was always tied to an experience before I drank it everyday. So the taste and smell of coffee always draws towards nostalgia and who doesn’t like a drop of nostalgia in their morning!