In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I’m asking all my followers (or readers!) to donate $5 to my Relay For Life page…you know Cinco de Relay!!!

If you dont mind, would you follow this link to my Relay page and make a donation?

Anything helps.  We are working towards $5 Million this year in the state of Arkansas and today could be a huge step in that direction!

Are you a Relayer looking for some other ideas?  See if any of these help!

  • Donate $5 yourself—can you imagine how much we could raise if every participant gave $5 in honor of Cinco de Mayo?
  • Why not donate $5 for every year you have participated in Relay For Life?
  • Survivors—why not donate $5 for every year you have been a survivor (or every decade!)
  • You could give someone a ‘ole High-Five by praising a job well done with a $5 donation to Relay For Life.
  • Post a message on Facebook and twitter and ask your followers to  donate to Relay—Make sure and include a link to your personal donation page.

Together we can make a difference to finish the fight!