Well, its official, I’ve registered for the Arkansas Women’s Bloggers Conference.  I made the comment to my co-worker that it means I have to start blogging more!  I promise I want to and I will TRY to do better.  I dont really do anything extra super fun so I dont have much extra super fun to post.
I have been spending tons of time with my awesome volunteers in Northwest Arkansas getting ready to Relay all over.  We have already had several Relays including a fabulous night in Berryville this past Friday.  I officially worked 24 hours on Friday (and Saturday morning).  But, it was so worth it.  the passion of these volunteers drives me to want to be better!
Love what I get to do!
If you are in Arkansas and are a blogger, you should make plans to join us September 6-7 at Ferndale Conference Center for what promises to be a fun, refreshing weekend of making lots of new buddies!