Its official…my birthday has a sponsor this year! 

Make that the American Cancer Society….the official sponsor of birthdays. 

In honor of my 5 year cancer free anniversary and my birthday on the 21st, I’m asking you to consider a donation to my Relay For Life team.  If you would like to join me in the fight against cancer and would like to make an investment in my team, please make a donation of any amount to my team. 

I’m turning 31, so if you need a suggestion, you can start there or $5 per year for 5 years.  Either way, I’d be grateful for you joining me in the fight.  This year the American Cancer Society is celebrating its 100th birthday and we are committed to finishing the fight and making this cancers last century!!!

I remember being diagnosed 1 month before my 25th birthday and thinking that 31 may never come.  Then last year, I ushered in my 30th birthday at my local Relay for Life event and celebrated and amazing weekend with my amazing friends.

Birthdays should always be special.  They are a celebration of life, a moment to thank the Lord for the blessings He has brought and a chance to reflect on where we have come.

Thanks for supporting our work!