Merry Christmas!  Is anyone else excited about this week?  I’m looking forward to spending some much needed rest with my family.

May your week be filled with joy, hope and a fresh reminder that our Saviour’s birth brings the unmeasurable grace and undeserved mercy that we have each been extended.  And, may you find a way to draw near the manger.

Christmas Eve Traditions and Christmas morning
traditions – jammies, special breakfast, what are your traditions for these 2 special days?  Are you trying a new tradition this year?

Christmas Day Scattergories – make sure you check the blog for your morning prompt!

Did you have to take something back?  Did you take advantage of the after Christmas sales?  Were you on a mission to find something special? Did you have to redeem all those gift cards?

Christmas is over now what?  Are you trying to learn all your new toys you got for Christmas?  What was your favorite gift? 

How long do you stay with your family?  Are you still spending time with your family or is it time to travel back?  How do you handle finding time to spend with all your family?  Do you get some extra time off this week? 

When do you take down the tree?  Are you one that likes to leave it up and enjoy it until January, or do you have to get it down on December 26? 

New Year’s Eve traditions – What are you big plans for tomorrow?

What’s your wish, dream, plan, goal for the new
year?  What do you want to accomplish in 2013?  Was 2012 a big year for you or are you ready to see it go?  How will you do things different this year?  Do you make resolutions?

Happy Advent,