This is it people – last shopping week until Christmas!  Are you in the Christmas mood yet? Or, do you more resemble that green guy with the sprig of white hair?  However you feel may the peace this season can bring begin to fill your heart.

Here are this week’s topics:

Christmas Beverages – are you a hot chocolate or cider person?  Maybe you like a Hot toddy instead? What
makes it feel like the perfect Christmas beverage? 
– share your recipe

Stocking stuffer ideas – what are your traditions around stockings?  Does Santa deliver your stocking? Is it in an actual “sock” or does it come in a different form?

How has Christmas changed from your nostalgic
view as a kid to your view as an adult? Which one is better? What made that

Ornaments –

What’s on top of your tree – angel, star,
something else?  Is there a person who
always has to put the tree topper on, or is it just part of getting the tree
decorated?  Is it the last thing to go on
the tree?

Ornaments – Are your ornaments family heirlooms
or do you have “pretty” ornaments

Ornament tradition – favorite ornament, an
ornament you always put on the tree, do you get a new ornament every year to
represent/symbolize something during the past year? Do you have an ornament
that has to be on the tree for it to feel like Christmas?

Nativity – who is your favorite character at the manger?
Who can you most identify with? Who do you wish you were more like? What’s your
             a.  Do you put out a nativity set?  Does it have special significance?
             b. Do your kids have a special nativity set? 

22.     Christmas
around the world – have you spent Christmas in another country or would you
like to? Is there a tradition you know another country shares that you can explore? Or one that
is crazy?

23.      Gifts – one gift you are anticipating getting – one gift
you are anticipating giving

Happy Advent,