Week 3, here we come.  Are your ready? Join us as you are able….

10.     Your thoughts on Elf on a Shelf – Do you use it in your family?  Pictures, bad experiences, does it work at
your house, what if you had Elf on a Shelf growing up?

Advent – are you an advent family? What does
Advent mean to you? Is it just the 4 Sundays and a tradition at church and light candles or
the advent calendar and do you give little presents or do you do activities?  Does everyone have their own calendar or do
you have one calendar as a family? What day does advent start and do you go to
a Christmas day or Christmas Eve service?

What’s your favorite Christmas carol and memory tied to
it.  Why is it your favorite?

Favorite Christmas cookie – share the recipe.  Or, if you have hosted a Christmas cookie exchange party, share your thoughts, ideas – successes and…ways for improvement!

Christmas Wear – are you a sweater wearer? Do
you always have an office party you attend?  Do you get a new cocktail dress each year? Does your dad have an awful sweater
that you hate? Does your grandpa wear Christmas socks that play music? Does
your mom have the proverbial Christmas sweater?

What about Christmas makes you say Bah – Humbug?


Crazy Christmas gift tradition – white elephant,
draw names, kids only, give one present, story of 5 – something you need, want,
play with give

Presents – do you wrap them in big pretty bows,
do they have to match, or are you a bag lady? Do you number them, does everyone
open them at the same time or do you pass them out and watch them open them one
at a time?

Happy Advent,