After seeing all the pictures last night on facebook of all my friends babies, I had to ask my dad to guest post the story of my first Halloween.  While I was there, lets be honest no one really remembers their first Halloween.  However the “messy” story of the first night has haunted me all my life.  Now, I’m grown up enough to think its funny…there were days that pooping your pants was not as funny as it is now!

Here’s the story behind Keisha’s 1st Halloween.

Mom has always dressed Keisha and her sister up every year. Keisha’s 1st costume was a really cute Pumkin outfit with a green sprout hat and green leggings. Oh we were so glad and proud of our little pumkin girl. We got up early and got her all dressed and took polaroids (yes, polaroids) of our little girl, because we had to drive 25 minutes to get to work (Keisha went with my wife to a church school). Just as we were about to leave, the over use of the back of Keisha’s Pampers didn’t hold the overflow (he’s being nice…it was a blowout!). Oh my word! We frantically got the costume off, grabbed the Fantastic bottle and worked away on the mess that happened (no pun intended).

But now the costume is soaking wet. Ah the solution: roll the leggings and bottom shorts up in the window and drive fast to dry out the clothes. Problem solved! That’s what we did. Did we get stares? Did people honk? Did people point at the Pumkin Flag people? Yes! To this day, I think someone passed us and got the idea of creating flags to put in the windows to support their local teams. Just think, if Keisha had not messed up her 1st costume and if we had not rolled it up in the window to dry on the way to school, then someone may have never thought about creating Window Flags to support Razorback Fans- all because of Keisha’s 1st Messy Halloween.

Guest Blogger, Dad

Oh dad, such a lovely picture.  He has such a way of turning a messy situation into an optimistic resolution.  If only he had thought of the flag idea, I wouldn’t have had college loans!